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Mayweather retires


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Little surprised by this. I really wanted to see him fight Cotto, the De La Hoya sequel was a joke. He would of destroyed Oscar again. I thought Cotto had the best chance at beating Floyd. I know Mayweather would of been the favorite but he's never fought anyone who works the body like Miguel. Hatton fought a terrible fight against Floyd, he just kept trying to head hunt.

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It's a dying sport. It is a shame, MMA is good but is not going to last forever. Boxing is a staple but tanking really quickly.



Yeah, MMA is the big thing now but TBH I can't into it that much. I find it fairly boring for the most part. Maybe it's because I grew up watching boxing but once they hit the floor in MMA it becomes dull to me. Not to take anything away from MMA fighters but I'd much rather watch a boxing match.

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