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NFL network is saying R. Moss could go to Packers


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Not a done deal, but Randy Moss has run out of patience with the pats who have held back to see how high he might go on the open market before jumping in with their own offer. Moss is hinting the pats are out of the running now for jerking him around.


Inside sources saying that Moss is talking with the Pack.


Two reasons why this will probably happen:


1) Favre is contemplating retirement, but if he had a big target like Moss, would probably come back. Also, Favre has requested the services of Moss for a couple of years now, but front office couldn't pull the trigger. Moss is Favre's favorite WR in the NFL.


2) Moss has always wanted to be a Packer and would've been a Packer when he signed with the pats if the pack would've gotten off their asses and signed him.


Regardless.....if the Pack lands Moss....they'll be well on their way to another division title.

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