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Why the Mets will win the NL East


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El Duque


In reality, it's not just that we've added Johan. We've added Johan AND Pedro, since Pedro missed almost all of last year. Maine was coming on very strong late, he is ripe to have a career year. Oliver Perez will probably be the same, some bad starts and some electric starts. But he did win 15 games last year. El Duque was at times untouchable last year, and at other times, he was on the DL. But we still have Pelfrey! And Pelfrey did great in the second half of last year. Not only is this starting 5 the best in the National Leage, maybe even all of baseball, we get Duaner Sanchez and Juan Padilla back. If this team stays relatively healthy, and Duaner returns back to form, this team may not have to score very many runs to win a lot of games.


I feel better about the Milledge trade. We still have Endy, and Church will have a nice year just batting primarily against righties. And with our pitching, defense is even more valuable, and we have a lot of that. Adding the best defensive catcher in the NL and a huge upgrade in rightfield with Church, we are in damn good shape. I can't wait until the season starts now!

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I want Pelfrey in the rotation from day 1 and El Duque to be part of the pen/6th starter/injury replacement as to preserve him for down the stretch. We have leaned too heavily on El Duque the past 2 years early in the season and it has showed late in the year(injuries in 06 and 07 and probably the 06 one cost us the pennant or at the very least contributed to it).


I was very impressed with Pelfrey down the stretch. He pitched one of the best games all year late in the year in Atlanta and I think his stuff is tremendous. Give him the 5th spot and let him run with it.

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