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One more Look back at Dallas


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I kinda like this one:


Photobucket stuff is block by websense here But i see the caption "jerry jones crying" I'll have to look at it at home.


I like the title alone. I wonder how many people he made cry in the town or arlington when he evicted them.

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Great stuff. I too am using this as my last day to rellish in the fact that we beat Dallas and if possible, rub it in a fans face. Then, on to GB. Some of my favs:


Amani makin em look like fools



Rdub makin it official. OH! And makin Glenn look like a fool. Doesnt SHE look stupid back there?



Eli tellin Homo how he and the Giants feel about him.



Strahan showin us basically what we did to thier season ;)



HEY!! Looks like Romo and Cundiff remained friends. REAL good friends.


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