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From Peter King's SI.com article


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Stole this from Collinsworth on Sunday afternoon: It's unfair to compare the stats of Peyton Manning in his comfy dome to the stats of Brett Favre in a frigid tornado in Chicago or brother Eli in a 40-mph gale in Buffalo.


Steve Smith (Giants), you've got to make that long catch, perfectly thrown by Eli Manning. Is there any receiving corps -- backs included -- with worse hands than the Giants'?
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And yet these are facts that are completely left out of such things as QUARTERBACK RATING.


But good god that is the statistic of record. If quarterback A has a rating of 90 and quarterback B has a rating of 91, well obviously quarterback B is the superior quarterback.


It is funny though how reporters will in one breath knock the QB rating system and in the next knock a QB for a low rating.

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