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Is there anyone out there who can defend the BCS?


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The only defense I have is how else can you rank over 100 teams? And they are college teams, the athletes are technically students first...technically....so a playoff system would be happening during their finals. Why do you think there is a big gap between the last regular season game and the bowls?

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play for the National Title. Good grief. Well at least OSU got beat. There is a God.

i think the bcs is a total crock of shit. I have been telling everyone that LSU was #1 all season, as for number 2 shit I dont care, our guys have been scrimaging against top 10 teams all year. Not one of the teams looking at the national title have anywhere near the strenth of schedule LSU has to deal with year in year out. we can take any team in the nation 9 times out of 10

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