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The Bash Thread


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I have noticed here at SW sometimes certain people bas certain players in a given thread and then that player goes onto to do something well in the close future. In my case it is Billy Wagner. So I have decided that we should all pick a player that we bash, when we in reality need them to get off their ass and do well. Since we all know how much I love him, I will start.


My player to bash is Billy Wagner.

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Before tonight it was glavine, but he impressed the hell out of me.


Now I'll go with my close second, Lo Duca.


It's like the shortstop is wearing a ball magnet everytime he hits the ball.


Get cracking gateB he is KILLING us tonight

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I'm pretty sure any fake guido from the Bronx could do what Paul

Lo Duca is doing.


yes and drive in more than 35 runs


I heard the best line at the game a few weeks ago about LoDuca "he could not drive a run in from third with less than 2 outs with a cadillac and full tank of gas"

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Dear Omar,


Thank you for not assembling a bullpen littered with trash with Spanish names?



Chad Bradford

yeah they wouldn't give him the third year but hell we gave shoenweise I think a third year. Fuck this shit. I knew not signing him was going to bite us.

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