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oh, sweet jaysus


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Quick! Stock up on canned goods...


This is sounding more like a team than I've heard in years. Keeping fingers crossed.


Players have noticed Coughlin is relating to them with a keener understanding of the need to forge relationships.


"Everybody sees it," linebacker Antonio Pierce said. "I think he's a lot more personable. He's still the same coach, he's still animated, he still has all his rules, he still has everything that everybody might be [complaining] about. But at the same time he's more personable, he's letting guys get a different side of him, and now people can connect to him, now guys can actually go up and ask the coach a question and talk to him and feel comfortable. If you don't feel like you can trust your coach you're not going to have a relationship.


"I've seen him be patient with things where he would normally blow his lid. I don't want to say what goes on in our meetings but a team rule that he would normally go bananas about, I actually saw him talk to us about it and say 'Hey, this is not what happens.' He showed patience."


So he actually hasn't changed his practices/rules/habits, just let his personality come through? The irony of methodical Tom changing after evaluating himself in the offseason has to make you laugh.


Nice job by Pierce on handling a loaded question, by the way.

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I don't know why people are so down on Coughlin on this board. Maybe he isn't the second coming of coaches but he has been effective with an underacheiving team of complainers (ask Fassell about that). Won a division championship with a young QB and then lost to Carolina that went all the way to the NFC campionship game. Last year made the playoffs (all the NFC was ugly) and should have beaten the Eagles if the D could make just 1 drive stop. The only thing I don't like about Coughlin is his stupifying expressions. He always looks like he is confused (his constant what the fuck look) and playing with retards that can't understand football.











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