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Final thoughts on Rangers season

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Let down, that's all I can say. No other words to discribe how I feel about this series, just going to go a little stream of conciousness here......


In no way do I want to belittle the effort of the Sabres, some of the media and fans feel that they didn't play to their potential in this series but I don't believe that for a minute. IMHO the Sabres played their best and the Rangers had some things unfortunatley not go their way (through decisions they made or the fucking referees), that's why they lost. Jagr said after the game

We said that all series long. We just can't give it to them. ... We didn't lose it, we just gave it to them. They are a great team but they aren't better.
and I happen to agreee with him. The Sabres are a great team with plenty of depth & talent but I don't think that they are any better than the Rangers..... they just got the bounces this series.


Some closing thoughts on this season:


1. Jagr was so emotional when being interviewed post-game by the media, it really looked like he was just totally speaking from the heart. Emotionally & physically drained, he really let his guard down and spoke like you or I would if we were in his shoes. The type of talk that you used to hear from Mess, Jagr IMHO has shook that label of being a great player but not a leader.


2. There shouldn't be too much change in this teams roster this off-season, I don't believe there are any players that will be looking at unrestricted free agency with the exception of Shanahan who should be re-signed.


3. With that being said if my name were Glen Sather I would make the following changes:

a. Karel Rachunek can be a 7'th defenseman, nothing more.... if he wants more let him do it elsewhere.

b. The reports on Marc Staal are good from the OHL playoffs, he has put the team on his shoulders and is helping to carry them foward. He should replace Rachunek from the beginning of the season.

c. I can't wait to see a whole season from Ryan Callahan, the kid is a player and ready for the NHL. I would also like to see Brandon Dubinsky get more than a 5 game tryout as he almost made the club out of training camp this year.

d. Avoid Scott Gomez, let Philadelphia go after him... or some west coast team. As we all know how well ex-Devils work out when they play for the Rangers (see Bobby Holik).

e. Pursue Chris Drury, can't have enough prove winners on the team to help bring along the younger guys.

f. Avoid Sheldon Souray, as great as he is on the power play he is terrible on defense..... overall Roszival is a better player if not as flashy.


That's all I've got, may the best of luck go to the Sabres, they will need it to get past Ottowa. My prediction for the Stanley Cup final & it's outcome:

Senators vs. Ducks: Ducks in 5.


Hope the Rangers have a great offseason & I can't wait 'til next year.



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The Sabes are gonna resign Drury.

Either Drury or Briere will stay, not both.... personally I gotta believe they will keep the guy with the C.


Now I don't know about my Finals prediction..... might be the Wings vs. the Sens

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