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Not Done Yet; Giants Still Eyeing Briggs and Wilson

Posted Apr 9th 2007 8:01AM by Dan Benton

Filed under: NY Giants, NFC East, New York


lance-briggs-chi-was.jpgApparently the Giants are not done talking with the Broncos about Al Wilson or the Bears about Lance Briggs. According to USA Today's "Inside Slant," the Giants remain in contact with both teams regarding their respective Pro Bowl linebackers.


The Giants are still dabbling with Al Wilson of Denver, who was almost a Giant until he failed his physical and negated a trade, and they have thoughts of convincing the Bears to part with franchise player Lance Briggs. Neither possibility will, in all likelihood, bear fruit.

As the report mentions, it's unlikely that the Giants will be able to pry either away from their teams. Wilson was as close to being a Giant as you could possibly be before his failed physical. The Broncos had agreed to trade Wilson in exchange for a second day draft pick until the deal was subsequently ruined by injury concerns. In order for this trade to "rekindle," the Broncos would have to be willing to accept a 6th or 7th round draft pick -- something I think would only be a fantasy.


In terms of Lance Briggs, it's already been made very clear that the Bears want at least two first day draft picks. With the Giants picking later than most teams in each round, it would probably cost them a bit more than others. To start, it would cost them at least their first and third round selections and an additional second day pick.


Either linebacker would be a great addition to the Giants who are in desperate need of another one. However, if the price is too steep I have not problem with Jerry Reese "staying the course." The fact is, both players are high risk, high reward. Wilson could get injured and be a total waste while Briggs may turn out to be a "system player."

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I hope this draft turns out to be the best draft we ever have. Cause otherwise, I think this season will be a waste. Not in terms of not getting either of these guys, but in overall not haveing talent on defense as a whole.

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