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Oh well, game two of the marathon

so-cal dub

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I'll brush this aside for the reason it was cold as fuck there. Petite is rusty...forgiven. Jeter though needs to pull his out of his ass. Arod is going to be a monster this season, you can see his swing looks 10X better than last season. Matsui will be traded this year(mark it ;) ).

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No fucking excuse for the defense. NONE.


The TAMPA BAY Devil Rays who play in a DOME didn't have as much problems as the Yankee defense.


Pathetic. This better not be any indication of how our defense will be this year. Last year it was the "much maligned Yankee defense" we're well on our way back to that shit now.


Petitte wasn't too bad. The Yankee offense is going to be sick this year...but we can't continue to give runs away...it was obvious the guys lost some confidence in their pitching and defense and began to press hard near the end of the game although they were only down 1 run.

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