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Wilson and Torbor


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Giants Tender Wilson, Torbor And Ward; O’Hara Staying?

By Dan Benton | March 1st, 2007


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05_0810_28.jpg Gibril Wilson - Pinkus / Giants.com


The Giants have tendered Gibril Wilson, Reggie Torbor and Derrick Ward. Ward and Torbor received an offer of $850,000 while Wilson received a one-year tender worth $1.3 million. For those unfamiliar with the tender system, this mean that the Giants have a chance to match any offer another team gives them. If they fail to match the offer they will be rewarded compensation from the other team. These tenders also count toward the salary cap.


Other Notes:


- Update: There had been reports that Shaun O’Hara and the Giants could not get a deal done at the last second. Rumors [see below for details on “rumors”] are now spreading that the Giants have upped the offer by $150,000 and O’Hara is considering. This may get done at the very last second after all.


- Ryan Kuehl’s contract was for one-year and $720,000.


- Darius Watts was not tendered.


- The Giants will make a run at Nate Clements.




Well, free agency is only hours away and the tidbits are beginning. I am going to try to alter the approach I take this year since I got so much heat last year. So I want everyone to keep in mind that everything I say under “rumors” is nothing more than a rumor. I’m not going to say “my sources told me this” or “my sources told me that.” It’s going to be up to each of you to decide how to take it. With that said, here are some rumors.


- The Willis McGahee talks have cooled off. The Giants offered a 4th round pick but the Bills want at the very least a 3rd round pick.


- The Giants will make a very hard push for Nate Clements. He appears to be number one on their priority list and they are preparing to make him an offer “he can not refuse.”


- Jay Feely is goner.


- Barring something completely unexpected and unforeseen, Shaun O’Hara’s days with the Giants are over as of 12:01 a.m. tomorrow.


- The Giants are keeping an eye on Ahman Green.


- Prepare for a busy 24-48 hours, Giants fans. Jerry Reese is going to move fast.




Ahman Green ?????? no thanks............

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Ahman Green, an older player with numerous health-questions who can't seem to play a whole season?


Or Dominic Rhodes, a young vet with playoff experience and a ring who as far as I know has never been seriously injured?

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