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Madden Bowl '07


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Willis McGahee plays as the Giants, loses despite 17-7 lead with less than 2 minutes remaining.




McGahee played as the Giants ("Ballin'" he'd yell after every big play), while Smith stuck with his Bucs. Willis jumped out to a 10-0 lead, and in the third quarter, decided to go for it on 4th and 3 instead of punting the ball from midfield.


It was the mistake of the tournament.


McGahee controls Eli like the real Eli and throws an interception that leads to a touchdown. With the lead now 10-7, McGahee gets the ball back and tries to run the clock with Tiki. Smith tries everything to stop him, but Willis scores to get the lead back to 17-7 with a little over two minutes left in the game.


At this point, McGahee turns and explains: "Last year I lost because I played the game on PS2 and the tournament was on 360. I played 360 all year just for this rematch."


But hold on a second Willis, Smith throws a bomb to Ike Hilliard and with 1:34 to go, the score is back to 17-14.


Onside kick…Smith recovers! Screen pass to Cadillac for 50! Alstott busts up the middle for the touchdown!

Alex Smith comes back to do the improbable, beating Willis McGahee with two scores in less than two minutes to head to the finals for the second straight year.


Welcome to Blue Hell Willis.

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Eli is the most scrutinized 24 TD passer in the league.


Obviously. What bugs me is that half of his interceptions are: tipped at the line, dropped by a wide reciever or the reciever

quits on the route.


Eli is the best the NFC has to offer at QB, too bad I cannot say the same for his "weapons."

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