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We're ll even


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This game will get Tim Lewis fired, Huff is already gone. I cant say I dont want TC out. I defended him and Eli for way too long. Tc has to go for one reason: To see what someone else can do with Eli and how his level of play will change. :TU:

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I agree with Hufnagel being gone, his play calling stunk. But, I actually dont know how to feel about everyone else. We suffered massive injuries right in the heat of our success. Every team has a couple every year, but what we endured, was unbelievable. It HAD to do with how we started stinkin up the place. We were pretty good before that. It will be Eli's 3rd full yr as a starter, right about the time star QB's start to get it. Gilbride seems like he knows how to call the right plays, and Tim Lewis had it under control B4 the Defense went down.


I just dont know. :(


But I will tell you this......we DEFINATLEY have a good chance to beat the Egirls. :TU:

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