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How does a team that is so inneffective on both sides plan...


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This team is an abortion of a football team. Not only can the offense not stay on the field but the defense can't get off the field. The kicking game is disgrace as well. The coverage teams don't do their jobs either.


With all of these shortcomings there is no way in hell the Giants should win this game, even with the U-Hauls warming up in the parking lot for the Skins.


In all phases of the game, the ultimate goal of each is never reached time and time again.


The offenses job is to keep the ball so they can score, they go three and out like it's their job. How about running routes on third down that go past the sticks. Better yet, Eli, look at everyone except your intended target. Since you never do that, look someone off, the teams will definitely fall hard for you doing what you're supposed to do. If you want to throw left, look right to draw the defense that way, then pass left. Or how about this, rather than starting the offense spread out then motioning everyone in real tight then running the ball up the middle after you just brought the defense back in, do all that motioning and pass the ball. Or start everyone in, motion them all out, then run. See it would confuse the defense and get them going against what they normally think you would do, which is the most obvious fucking thing available.


The defense is supposed to stop the other teams offense, but third and long may as well be 3& inches with the brain trust running the team. I mean, why drop seven into coverage if they can't cover? Put a nickel package out and blitz the backers to create pressure which creates bad decisions. The four man rush isn't nearly as prolific as we all thought it would be. They get 20 when they need 13. Can the Giants please get some players in the game that will swarm the ball?


And the kicking teams. How about they get some air under the ball so the KO coverage teams can make the play. How about that? How about getting a kick returner in that can see the field and doesn't run to where every defender is?


Here is my plan for next year.


Coach X walks into training camp on day one with a blank depth chart, and a list of players. Every single player on the team must earn their spot. If Shiancoe beats out J-Drop, so be it. If J-Load plays better than The StareMaster, so be it. If Reggie the Fridgedator Man beats out Burress, tough shit. At least it may inspire some of these over paid pieces of shit to actually earn their paychecks.


Finally, a message to Coach X: Discipline is not defined as screaming at a player, or fining them for not being there early enough. Discipline is a measure used to delete an undesired behavior through punishment. in order to effectively discipline players, you must remove them from what it is they want to do, play, after they commit a mistake that truly matters. When Burress trots a route, please introduce him to the bench. When Shockey drops a ball, introduce him to the bench. When some 49 year old LT is a personal foul machine, please sit him on the bench. Otherwise, what the fuck is the piont of having other players on the team.


I've sat my best players for the following reasons: Star player questioned the intergrity of an official getting him a three minute no-releaseable penalty.(never happened again)


Two seniors skipped practice to go to a Yankee D-Rays game, they sat the first half of a game, a game we should've won but lost because they couldn't contribute. We lost the first half, and won the second half just came up short, which nailed the piont home. They attended every practice thereafter.


That's what discipline is. Not hitting them in the checkbook, hit them where it hurts, their supposed passion, playing time. Thank you for your time in advance.

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