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I Thought I was Mr. Negative on this board


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For one TOMMYBOY has to go, and tell him he could have saved his job by firing Huffnagel. We give away the world for a QB and Dallas come upwith a Romo, a WINNER, how do you spell loser MANNY, Archie Peyton and now Eli.


This team should still make the playoffs but they won't, they should come out for Revenge in Carolina for knocking us out last year, but they won't, this team will lay down like a dog in the road and let the guy that should have been our coach knock us out again.


And I am sick of all these people saying that this team has talent, we do for losing.


Why can't we have a team that can win a playoff game and go to the playoff two years in a row.

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Why even talk shit about our QB after he had a good game? I agree with you about Huffnagle tho, he needs to go. Also we had Romo looking horrible throughout the first 2 quarters then all of a sudden, Tim Lewis decided to go into the soft ass zone D again where we always get torched. We need a pass rush to make up the lack of talent and skill in the secondary... What doesn't he get about that? Blitz mother fucker BLITZ

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OK how many championships does Archie have , how many superbowls has Peyton been too? And has Eli won a playoff game??



You are Mr. negative.


Eli played great.


You ignorantly call the Mannings losers.


You are already predicting a loss next week.


And this team clearly has talent.

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