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Nice win tonight..........................

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Well played, I've got to admit if the Isles brought that kind of hard work to every game they wouldn't be in the mess that they are.


From all Rangers fans, thanks for denying the Devils the extra point.


Oh yes & bleed:

Again, it's almost as if the Rangers weren't one of the worst teams recently with the highest payroll...........Or did you just start watching again this year after years of embarrassment?????

Yes, they did stink for almost the entire last decade, I never denied that. But let me ask you a question, if they stunk that bad does it really matter how much money is spent??? They could have been the worst team in hockey & not spent a dime in which case they would have been criticized for not trying to help themselves... so exactly how much sense does that make??


The Rangers management certianly figured out how to get the best product on the ice after a hard salary cap was instituted, yes, they certianly did need a house cleaning in order to clean out the "dead wood" that could be attributed to the Dolan mistakes of just throwing money at the problem (see the Knicks).


Much of this I have to attribute to the new head coach, just like the Giants started to make smarter personell decisions after Coughlin became the coach... Renney got together with Sather & management and told them he'd keep the head coaching job but only if he could get his kind of guys & run things his way with no meddling from Dolan.


If only the Islanders were so lucky, unfortunatley there remains a conflict in interest as Milbury as the former coach/GM is now a lame duck in office.


I'm sure your response, if any, should contain at least a few references to past records in such but to ask you yet one more question, if during the past decade if the Rangers were so terrible then why is it that the Islanders never took a commanding lead in the regular season series during that time?

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Guest nosebleed

I believe the money factor should not be overlooked. It showed many flaws within management, you can't buy titles, case in point, Washington Redskins. I will be the first to admit that they seem to have set the ship right over there. Regarding their coach, he has done a tremendous job, again I can't deny their current position.


I see you are a big hockey fan and let's forget the other crap for a moment and talk good hockey. I am an annoyed Islander fan, never was a Milbury fan. When I watch games on Center Ice, I cringe to see all of the talent that was sent packing by MM. Let's start with the Luongo trade, disgraceful. Redden and Chara on the Senators. If they had kept Luongo, MM would most likely drafted Dany Heatley. The Yashin trade makes me sick when I think about it, Spezza would most likely have been drafted with the second pick. These are just a few of his terrible moves. I can almost find one player on every team that was once an Islander, not a good feeling, especially when Yashin is the current captain. I thought with a cap, MM would make better moves, but it's almost impossible with Yashin around. He stepped down, he should have left with the coach, him hanging around is not a good sign for the franchise.


Past records, we all know as fans that records never really mattered when these two would play each other. Remember though, the Isles weren't that good until 2001-2002 when they finally made it back to the playoffs. Hockey in NY was almost pathetic for a time.

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Last nights loss to the Caps was pathetic. They are not going to make the playoffs :brooding:

ovechkin is badass and snowy got owned....oh yea... they beat the devils AGAIN =P .... im not expecting much but its good to see that many of the players that have resigned with the isles still have heart in their game

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ovechkin is badass and snowy got owned....oh yea... they beat the devils AGAIN =P .... im not expecting much but its good to see that many of the players that have resigned with the isles still have heart in their game


THe redeemed themselves last night. Nice win. Satan and Hunter own Broduer

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