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OMG, Giants to forfeit Titans game....

Virginia Giant

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AP New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin says he plans on forfeiting this Sunday's game against the Titans because the Giants do not have enough players to field a team. The Giants have been ravaged by injuries the last several weeks with stars such as Michael Strahan, Osi Umenyiora, Amani Toomer and Luke Petitgout missing significant time due to a variety of injuries. The loss would put the Giants at 6 – 5 and possibly be tied for second with the Philadelphia Eagles depending on the outcome of the Eagles game and the Dallas Cowboys game on Thanksgiving Day.


When asked about the decision to not play the game, Coach Coughlin replied. “The players aren't disciplined enough to not get hurt, if they can't stay healthy they won't play at all. These bums show up to meetings on time, on fucking time! Not early, but on time. Then, they go out and break their bones every week. On top of that, we had the leagues leading rusher, I give him the ball ten fucking times, he should have at least 500 yards rushing getting the ball that many times. No one else gets the ball ten times except the quarterback and the other teams defense, oh speaking of the quarterback, I call for passing plays about 40 times per game, we should be scoring 100 points per game throwing that much, but are we? No. I don't care if everyone on the other team, the fans in the bleachers, and the blind elderly in the nursing homes know we're gonna throw 40 times, we should complete the pass 39 times of those 40. It's just frustrating ya know?”

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