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Bears at Giants FOX Sports is serving up an awesome showdown at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday. Joe Buck and Troy Aikman will probably have the call. We can't wait to sit down on the couch and ... What? When? They can do that now? What's next: Family Guy on Tuesday morning on the Oxygen channel?


Oh well, Giants-Bears is still a great game between two of the league's best teams, even if it's on some other network. Some might say that the Bears were "exposed" last week, when the Dolphins confirmed what the Cardinals learned a few weeks ago. If you hit Rex Grossman a few times, he morphs into Drew Bledsoe and starts making really dumb throws. "For those of you counting at home, that's two bad games in the last three for Grossman," wrote Rick Morrissey in a Chicago Tribune column designed to warm up the engine on the Brian Griese bandwagon.


While the Bears were suffering through the upset of the year, the Giants were struggling to put away the weakling Texans. Without 6-foot-5 Plaxico Burress on the field, Eli Manning's throws kept sailing over his receivers' heads, and baby bro threw for just 179 yards against one of the league's worst defenses. Factor in a lackluster effort by the Giants pass defense and one of the ugliest field goal attempts ever, and the Giants were lucky to escape with a victory. "We're finding ways to win games," Manning said after consulting the Cliché-o-Matic. "We're not playing our best football, but that's part of this league."


This game marks the beginning of a three-game road trip for the Bears. If they really are pretenders, we'll know before the Christmas lights go up. But don't overreact to one ugly performance. The Bears have the best defense in the NFC, their offense is solid overall, and Grossman is good enough to win. The "perfect season" talk was nonsense, but the Bears will still win the NFC North and make a lot of noise in the playoffs.


The opening line (Giants by 2.5) is an overreaction to the Giants' five-game winning streak. They'll be without Michael Strahan this week, limiting the amount of pressure they can put on Grossman. Brian Urlacher was questionable at presstime, but he would probably rip his bad toe off rather than miss this game. Burress may think that the Bears secondary is beatable, but his back is still bothering him, and fellow receiver Amani Toomer is out for the year. The Giants may need to borrow some forwards from the Knicks to catch Manning's jump balls. Take the Bears.

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Damn, a little harsh don't you think? No mention of Tiki, Jacobs, or our running game in general? A little bit of an oversight. Oh, and let's just ignore the fact that it was windy as fuck during that game.


I'd love to see us just kick their ass to shut these fuckers up.

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