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SF-Giants fans sbooing guys pitching against Bonds.


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Giants Fans Now Booing Those Who Pitch to Barry Bonds San Francisco Giants fans watching their team take on the San Diego Padres last night ripped into Padres starter Chris Young after Young kept throwing strikes to Barry Bonds.


“Throw a ball, you pussy!” yelled one fan. “Oh, like it’s so tough to get Barry Bonds out. Anyone can do it. Why don’t you give him a free pass and prove you can get out a good hitter, a-hole!”


After seeing three consecutive strikes from Young in his first at-bat, Bonds hacked at the third and hit a high pop fly to centerfield for an out. The former slugger says he appreciates the continued support from the Giants faithful.




“Back when I was on steroids and ripping the cover off the ball, pitchers were scared to throw me anything good to hit,” said Bonds. “Now pitchers get excited when I get up because they know all they have to do is throw something over the plate and they’ll get an easy out, either by strike out or due to me hitting a weak fly ball. Luckily our fans are smart, and they know what’s going on. They don’t want the opposing pitchers to get off easy.”


Lifelong Giants fan Roger Berry says he’s disgusted with modern day pitchers.


“None of these guys have any guts,” he said. “What does it prove that they can get Barry Bonds out? Ooh, you’re so tough – you got out a 42-year-old, slow, chubby guy with a .240 batting average and warning track power whose body is deteriorating due to years and years of steroids abuse. It’s like picking on a retarded kid. Before they were too scared he would hit a home run off of him, and now they’re just being bullies. It’s not right. It’s not what the game of baseball is about.”


Bonds said that even if pitchers continue to throw him strikes, when they make just one mistake he can still make them pay.


“I’m a big guy. Cattle steroids will do that to you, you know?” he said. “If they slip up once and make a mistake and miss the inside of the plate by just a fraction of the inch, I’ll lean into the pitch and the ball will hit me and I’ll be on first base. I can still be valuable to this team that way.”




SportsPickle News Service.

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