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DL stint possible for Cano


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NEW YORK -- The Yankees are hoping that Robinson Cano and his injured left hamstring can avoid a trip to the disabled list, but the club won't make that decision for another day or two.

Cano left Sunday night's game in the sixth inning after pulling up lame at second base following a double. He underwent treatment on Sunday night and Monday afternoon and said that he would undergo an MRI exam on Tuesday.


"I just felt something grab at my hamstring when I got close to second," Cano said. "I didn't feel anything pop; something just grabbed. It's definitely better than last night."


Following Monday night's game, manager Joe Torre said that while no decision has been made with regards to the DL, it was unlikely that Cano would be on the field in the immediate future.


"It's not too bad, but that doesn't mean he's going to play in the next week or 10 days," Torre said. "We'll have to make a decision."


Monday morning, general manager Brian Cashman spoke with team physician Dr. Stuart Hershon, who had already been in touch with Cano. The decision was made not to place Cano on the DL immediately, giving the second baseman some time to see how the hamstring responded.


"I think it's more likely that we would [place him on the DL] than we wouldn't, but that's just because of what I saw when he was walking off the field," Cashman said. "He's doing better right now. We didn't do a roster move today, which tells you that there's a little bit of hope that it could be avoided."


"We'll just have to evaluate it and figure out what the best course of action is," Torre said. "We're holding off on the disabled list just to see how this reacts in the next 24 to 48 hours."


Cano said it would be "probably a few days" before he could play again, but he hoped to avoid a DL stint. Cano has never had any problems with his hamstring before, and he said he doesn't feel any pain when he walks.


"A lot of injuries, you don't feel them as much the day you do them as you do the next day. The fact that he feels better today, there's some hope there," Torre said. "For certain, if we do make a decision to put him on the DL, it will be the safest way to go. It's not going to be a concern for our needs as much as his needs."


Should Cano land on the DL, infielder Nick Green would likely be called up from Triple-A Columbus.


The Yankees have had their share of injuries this season, losing Gary Sheffield and Hideki Matsui for most of the year with wrist injuries. Every other starting player has missed limited time with minor injuries, though none of them have landed on the DL.


"I hope everybody burned the old tapes when I said he was the only one of the starting nine that hadn't missed any games due to injury or illness," Torre said with a smile. "Now we have a full complement of all nine starting spots."

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