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Audio of Interview with Yankees Beat Reporter Jim Baumbach


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We had Newsday’s Yankees beat writer Jim Baumbach on live with us on my 100% commercial-free, no one makes a dime from it, Long Island Sports Talk radio show tonight.


Jim was kind enough to give us a plug in his Blog:



It was a late booking, so I didn’t have the chance to solicit questions here as I usually would.


The interview is 19+ commercial-free minutes of nothing but Yankees talk, and it’s in MP3 format. I hope you enjoy.


Here is the link to the interview:



As always, thanks.


Here is a little write-up of what was discussed (in chronological order):


--Trade Talk

--Nationals Assistant GM Bob Boone was scouting the Trenton Thunder game (Phillip Hughes did not pitch in that game)

--Melky and Wang as trade chips

--Is Cano an untouchable?

--JB Cox and Brett Gardner more likely the trade chips

--Pittsburgh GM is asking the world for Craig Wilson

--Last year’s Shawn Chacon deal a blueprint

--All things ARod (in the clutch, whether the booing is deserved, his psyche, is he a symbol of failure until he wins a Championship?)

--Derek Jeter’s silence on the booing

--Randy Johnson

--The Bullpen

--Ron Villone

--Octavio Dotel

--Is Eric Duncan still a prospect?

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oh this host is a tard, dotel pound for pound the best in baseball at one point??? WHAT?


and he's gunna take over for rivera one day?



please tell me you are not that guy saying this stuff

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