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I hate west coast trips!!


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El Duque goin the distance, Milledge tearing it up, and I'm missing it all. West Coast trips suck. Just can't get my ass out of bed in the morning if I stay up and watch. Weak. :furious:

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At least we are winning on these trips. Usually I'd stay up all night wondering if we won the game, and get a short sleep and find out we lost. We're 3-1 so far, and last year I would've been ecstatic with a .500 road trip.


I've seen some Milledge's action live. He looks amazing.

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Yeah, I agree. I really only get upset when we lose a series, which hasn't happened much this year. :TU: I just hate missing the games. But now it the weekend, so I'll stop complaining. I saw the Millage highlights, he looks phenomenal. He looks like such a punk though, hope I'm wrong about that.

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