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Graphic Request


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I would like a graphic w/ some old New York Giants going into the new players with a couple of Blue Pit Bulls in the background. I would really like to encorporate some LT,Carl Banks,Leonard Marshall, Hampton along with some newer players TIki, Osi, Satrahan, Pierce, Sehorn, Shockey. Thanks




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Looking for a sig. but wallpaper would be great too.

By the way that Marley with the bud looks freakin sweet.



I'll make you a sig for now. Just give me a day or two.

I may not be able to get everyone you asked for on it, but I'll do my best.

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Here ya go man. Let me know if you want some changes.

I wasn't able to fit everyone in. If you put in too many photos it starts looking cluttered, and I try to keep the file size under 500k.




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