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Graphics Request Guidelines


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Graphics: Sigs, Avatars, Walls Request Guidelines:

1. FIRST: to make a request, start a new thread in the Graphics Request Forum... This will keep this post clean, especially if you end up posting pictures...


2. If you are requesting a sig of a relatively unknown player, please provide some photos for me to work with. Likewise, if you are requesting a sig of an extremely popular player, you may want to post some pictures so that I can either use them or use something similar. Keep in mind that higher resolution photos always make for higher quality sigs.


3. When making a request, list any specifics you'd like me to include on the sig.

Your SN

Additional Text other than the player/team's name

A certain look you want to achieve (unique color scheme, etc.)



4. It will usually take me at least a day to complete a sig. Based on my somewhat busy and always changing schedule, the wait could be longer. Once I respond saying that I'm going to make your sig, it shouldn't take more than a few days.


Thats it - I don't mind overly specific requests, and I don't mind requests that leave it all up to me. Once the sigs are done I'll post a copy in your original thread and a duplicate in this thread to keep track of the work.



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