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Free agents and tryout signings


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So far the 6 UDFA's look pretty good...especially TE Matt LaCosse (6'6" 256 lbs - Illinois) who appears to have hands made of extra-sticky fly paper and has caught everything near him including a highlight reel diving one-handed catch while being tightly covered by Bennett Jackson.


He is already signed so this weekend tryout was not to see if he could catch the coaches eye as worth signing.


Another UDFA (already signed) is RB Akeem Hunt (5-10, 189 lbs - Purdue) and is like greased lightning. Physics-defying cuts, impressive forward speed and can moves move and adjusts to catch every ball thrown near him. Not a physical type back, but a change of pace speed demon who would give fits to big brawny guys who grab air when they thing they have him.


The two tryout players who have been signed so far (there might be more, but these are the only 2 who have tweeted out that they are signed. One is DT Carlif Taylor (6'2″, 315 lbs - sm. school S.Conn) who supposedly is able to "move mountains". They are saying good things about him. Very, very strong and athletic for a fat boy.


They've also signed TE Will Tye (6-2, 257 lbs Stony Brook) who has looked good. I'm kind of confused though because he is awfully short for a TE. But he's fast and has good hands. I just don't see where he fits.


Two other UFDA's they signed initially are Justin Currie (FS, Western Michigan) and Sean Donnelly (OT, Tulane). Currie has been impressive at times, but 6-8 Donnelly has some growing to do. He has good feet, but really needs to add some weight and muscle if he wants to be an NFL OT. He's been working out at RT with Flowers at LT and Donnelly has been regularly beaten by quicker, stronger DE's.


{EDIT 5/10} Added: Another tryout signed, Temple RB Kenny Harper (5-10, 232) ran a 4.54 on his pro-day.

{EDIT 5/11} Added: Giants signed Richmond WR Ben Edwards (5-10, 197) known as a possession type receiver who is best suited for a west coast offense in the slot. Probably insurance in case Cruz is not quite ready to go full bore.

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The Giants released the names of 4 players today who were officially signed after the weekend tryout. Any information about each player is in the original post above as I added them as they became known.


DT Carlif Taylor

TE Will Tye

RB Kenny Harper

WR Ben Edwards

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