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My expert take on Landon Collins


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Look, I played safety at a high level, and consider myself able to evaluate Safteys better then every other position on the field. I'm pretty good at evaluating players at all positions Imo but I know a good safety when I see one.


Landon Collins was by far the best safety in this draft.


As you all know he is a football player.


Landon has great size at 6-0 220-225 and I think his ideal playing weight is 215-220.


He is a tremendous special teamer, he makes hits, proper tackling, and is always around the ball. He will be a top 10 in the box safety day 1.


However his coverage is very very underrated. He reminds me a lot of Kenny Phillips coming out of college, very similar players in college with productivity favoring Collins and the size/athleticism favoring Phillips, but they are very similarly rated prospects coming into the nfl. Phillips obviously was 6-2 so he had extra reach which is good for a safety, especially one playing the deep ball.


Collins has very good speed for a safety, not a burner and doesn't have recovery speed, but he can definitely run. His hips are a little tight however and he can get turned around by quicker WRs, but he won't get smoked by any TEs or anything. He plays the ball in the air very very well too. Bottom line is, he can indeed cover, especially playing back on the deep ball believe it or not in that Kenny Phillips 2011 Centerfield role, I almost 100% believe this based on what I've seen.


In all honesty Collins reminds me a lot of Antrel Rolle the player and Kenny Phillips the player. It's weird. But Collins has all the potential to be what pre injury Kenny could have become, and has the heart and toughness of aAntrel Rolle.


This was a Fantastic need/value draft pick.


I haven't been this excited about a 1st round pick since either 08 or 09 when we drafted Phillips in 08 round 1 and Nicks 09 round 1.


Let's go!

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