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The Giants App just updated and now you can watch Giants online (pregame show) and Live Post game Press conferences Also you get post practice press reports Etc.. Also if you are at the Stadium you can live streaming feeds from multiple angles and you can watch (like DVR) any play from any drive from multiple angles while at the game.......


this is the message I got when I clicked on live cameras :


"This is a limited test of the in-stadium live video and replays. to enable this feature in the Giants mobile app connect to the MLSOpen wifi network inside inside Metlife stadium before returning to this screen.


We are excited to announce this new capability ! please be patient as it is still undergoing testing . If you want to help us test this feature in futures games or if you have any freedback.......contact yinzcam via this app freedback form or contact support @yinzcam.com."


Sounds like this would be an awesome app to watch in game replays of any play and for press conferences I just updated

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