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Giants' Marcus Thomas fumes over 'Madden NFL 13' pic


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Giants' Marcus Thomas fumes over 'Madden NFL 13' pic


  • By Marc Sessler
  • Writer
  • Published: Aug. 29, 2012 at 01:43 p.m.



0ap1000000056103.jpg Associated Press/US Presswire Marcus Thomas (left) is out of the NFL. Marcus Thomas (right) is a Giant who's wrongly pictured in "Madden NFL 13."


With Tuesday's release of "Madden NFL 13," millions have found their bliss. Their happy place. Their Camelot. Marcus Thomas is not one of them.

The New York Giants defensive lineman claims the collection of masterminds behind Madden placed an "imposter" where his face should be. Instead of his mug, the game shows the image of another Marcus Thomas, a castoff running back who hasn't played since 2009.



I been in the nfl going on 6years and y'all still hav another mans face for my pic on madden i hate y'all hate is very strong but I do

Thomas argues the Madden people dropped the ball somewhere along the way after switching his rookie image for the face of this second Marcus Thomas -- this shadowy doppelganger -- almost half a decade ago.

Thomas reached out to the game's creators, according to the New York Daily News, but his plea for a fix at first went unanswered: "Mr. Madden has slapped me and gave me a pacifier and told me to make the team before I start demanding requests lol," he wrote.

In the end, Marcus Thomas -- the real Marcus Thomas -- was heard. Madden NFL Live content producer Donny Moore reached out Tuesday to apologize: "We will have this picture removed for next update," he wrote.

"Thanks mr madden I love you," Thomas replied, tempering our nation's latest, gripping tweef.

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