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jets Giants game


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This is what I got out of the Jets Giants game.


NYJ 4th&4 NYG36 Penalty: Too Many Men on Field on New York 5 yards.

NYJ 1st&10 NYG31 Mark Sanchez incomplete pass to the right intended for Dustin Keller.

NYJ 2nd&10 NYG31 Mark Sanchez pass to the right to Santonio Holmes for 13 yards to the NYG18. Tackled by Corey Webster.

NYJ 1st&10 NYG18 Shonn Greene rush to the right for 2 yards to the NYG16. Tackled by Justin Tuck.

NYJ 2nd&8 NYG16 Mark Sanchez pass to the right to Plaxico Burress for 11 yards to the NYG5. Tackled by Aaron Ross.

NYJ 1st&5 NYG5 Mark Sanchez pass to the left to Josh Baker for 5 yards for a TOUCHDOWN.


Football 101 know your subs, know the play and know how to count.


If that is not indicative of what a crappy DC fewell is I don't know what it. Also Boley should have caught that.


If Dallas loses after sitting a bunch of guys in the hopes of taking this Garbage division I will laugh so hard I will piss myself.


Another thing....Seems like an early drop on a big play by our receiving corps sends this team into punk bitch mode. If Cruz and nicks blows an open play early expect it....don't believe me re-watch the last philly and wash game.

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