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If you did a fantasy draft in a baseball video say the name the system then post ur line up, starting rotation and ur bullpen.



ok Xbox (i hav 360 but this doesnt work on it yet) MVP '05 (im gettin MLB '06 but i wont get it for two more days)

1. jose reyes

2. jose guillen

3. manny ramirez

4. mark texeira

5. hank blalock

6. ron belliard

7. corey patterson (hes a beast in this game)

8. miguel olivo

9. i called up a minor leaguer (greg Colbrunn)


1. chris carpenter

2. bartolo colon

3. Aj burnett

4. Jarrod Washburn (10-2 with a 1.01 ERA)

5. Randy Wolf


(bullpen is my worst)

Arthur rhodes

steve kline

brandon puffer (hes a beast)

joe borowski

eddie guardado

(setup man) Jason isringhausen

(closer) Rivera (like 29 saves and a 0.46 ERA)

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MLB 06 The Show for PS2


C: Victor Martinez

C: Kelly Shoppach

1b: Mark Teixeira

2b: Felipe Lopez

2b: Jose Lopez

2b: Jeff Keppinger

SS: Jose Reyes

3b: David Wright

3b: Rich Aurilia

LF: Josh Willingham

CF: Aaron Rowand

RF: Jason Kubel

RF: Brad Hawpe

SP1: Dontrelle Willis

SP2: Rich Harden

SP3: Mike Maroth

SP4: Zach Duke

SP5: Wade Miller

LR: Joel Zumaya

LR: Brian Bannister

MR: Pedro Feliciano

MR: Jay Witasick

SU: Aaron Heilman

SU: Duaner Sanchez

CP: Jonathan Paplebon

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I have MLB 2k5 (Jeter on the Cover!!! :rock: ) I play with the Yankees team from the 05 season but with one change. I traded Tony Womack and a minor leauger for Chase Utley (who was in the Phils minor leauge system) and I have only lost 1 game! I tried to get Soriano from the Rangers but they would not budge! :brooding:

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