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D-Line Snap Breakdown

Mr. P

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How did Coughlin divide up D-linemen's snaps?



Curious to see how the snaps broke down among the defensive linemen? So was I. So was Tom Coughlin last night when he said he'd have to go back and look at the "pitch count."


Here are the numbers I came up with. They're not exact because sometimes in the middle of the line it's hard to tell the difference between a 95 and a 96 and a 98 and it's not like those guys have different body types to distinguish themselves from one another (99s tend to stand out, I should mention). There were 50 total defensive snaps.


Justin Tuck: 40 total snaps (23 defensive end, 17 tackle)


Osi Umenyiora: 39 total snaps (all end)


Mathias Kiwanuka: 37 total snaps (all end)


Chris Canty: 23 total snaps (22 tackle, 1 end)


Barry Cofield: 22 total snaps (all tackle)


Rocky Bernard: 21 total snaps (all tackle)


Fred Robbins: 19 total snaps (all tackle)


So how were they divied up? Pretty fairly I'd say. The three guys who rotated at defensive end each got within three total snaps of each other. And the four guys rotating at tackle were all within four total snaps of one another.


Why are there 100 total snaps at defensive end and 101 at tackle? Because on one play the Giants used a 5-man front with three tackles. Thus, the extra snap.



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