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ANybody know about jerseyquest.com?

so-cal dub

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I was looking for a white LT throwback, but all the premiers seem to be out everywhere I go. Next thing up is the Mitchell & Ness, but that will cost a pretty penny. So as I'm browsing I see a white "authentic throwback" for 65.00 from this jerseyquest.com place. I know 65 sounds too good to be true, but if anyone has bought something from there let me know about it.



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no idea, though im interested



id say its probably safe to assume their fakes but if their nicely done i wouldnt really care.



theres also this place:




I know about jersey101 and the other Chinese place ( I forget the name right now), and they are complete garbage in my opinion. Stitches falling out, letters falling apart, wrong patterns, ect... But the thing with those, they were 16 plus plus shipping so it's not that bad.

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