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Lacrosse NCAA Tournament


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I never see a lot of chatter about college lacrosse on this board and was wondering if anyone else on here follows the sport.


I feel blessed to live where I live as I am surrounded by the best lacrosse teams in the nation and feel like bragging.


I live between Syracuse(30 miles away) and Ithaca (23 miles away), near Cortland (7 miles away).


The NCAA Junior College championship is already over and Onondaga Community College won the national championship in both the men and women's division. OCC is in Syracuse, NY. The men's lacrosse team has won the national championship four years straight.


The NCAA Div III championship will be a playoff between Cortland St. and Gettysburg.


The NCAA Div II championship game will be played between Lemoyne College (Syracuse, NY) and Merrimack. Merrimack has a perfect record except for 2 losses, both to Lemoyne in regular season play.


The NCAA Div 1 final four includes Syracuse University, Duke, Cornell (Ithaca, NY), and Virginia




It amazes me that within 30 miles of my home lies the best lacrosse playing in the country....at any level. And it's been that way for years. One of the things that stick in my craw is that the Lacrosse Hall of Fame is in Baltimore, MD (and there's good lacrosse played in MD - especially at John Hopkins U.), but it should definitely be in Syracuse where the sport originated and where the best teams in the country play the game.


Of course, the sport called "baggataway" or "tewaraathon" (renamed lacrosse by the French who witnessed indians playing the game in upstate NY) was started by the Six Tribes of the Iroquois, in particular, the Onondaga Nation which lived (and still lives) in the suburbs of Syracuse. The sport did not originate in Baltimore......Baltimore simply built a building and called it the Lacrosse HOF before anyone else. It would be like the Baseball Hall of Fame being located in Colorado because they thought of the idea first....and what difference does it make that Baseball started in Cooperstown.


Additionally, Syracuse University has more national championships than any other college (10 NCAA national titles) as does OCC.....not to mention, that many Native Americans of the Onondaga tribe are lacrosse players on the 3 college located teams in Syracuse.


Anyway.....just had to get that off my chest.

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