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Reese on WFAN

Mr. P

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-lots of false chatter about the trade talk


-nicks:nfl frame, can go over the middle, line up anywhere, very productive and very young. will compete right away for receiver position. was worried he wouldnt be there at 29.



-barden: 6'6 and some change. will surprise with how fast he can run. played great vs wisconsin. little longer than plaxico.

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andre brown- very happy about andre brown, looks almost like ward but faster, can line him up anywhere, good hands good pass protection.



rhett bomar: value pick, very talented. too much value to pass by. strong arm, still like woodson but bomar was too valuable not to pick.


carr: very happy to have him back again,



woodson: worked hard in offseason



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sintim: felt he coulda been a 1st round. big, strong. SAM, will use him in passrush game alot too.


256lbs,256lbs. hes happy about that weight. hah


will compete for starter right away. def play on special teams.



beckum: a little injury history, slipped in draft. receiving type. weapon. in the slot and different packages. especially late in the season when its cold and windy. create matchup problems.

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new stadium: no real way to minimize the wind without a roof. expects it to remain a major factor at times. maybe not as much as giants stadium but who knows.


manning: eli isnt a stat guy, knows numbers arent gonna be great late in the season. some qb's might not like that. reese says he is a stat guy, in the win loss column.


talkin now how pass rush slipped at end of year,

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