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So it was about the money huh Fred and Jeff?


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So in defending the reasoning for not signing Manny Ramirez to a 2 year deal, the Wilpons(and their fans who carry the water pales for them)said it had nothing to do with the money, but the fact that Manny could be a poor clubhouse influence, who only plays when he wants. Fair enough, I do not buy it but at least it was a reason.


Now, 2 months later they are on the verge of signing Gary Sheffield to a 400 grand deal. Are these fucking clowns serious? There is not a bigger clubhouse malcontent to play this game the last 20 years then this guy? Fucking guy PURPOSELY threw balls away to get traded from Milwaukee.


What does this tell us? It was about the money and always will be. It also tells us what most of us that look at this objectively know, this OF was unproven and TOO lefty laden and Church is not an everyday player.


This moves sucks IMO and I would just rather go with the kids and anyone but this POS :TD:

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I totally agree xxi. I was pissed when I heard they were gonna sign him. My buddy said he watched him in right field of Yankee stadium on a 90 degree day deliberately drop a fly ball, then lazily pick it up and lob it in to the cut off guy cuz he didn't want to play in the heat. I hope he doesn't cut into Daniel Murphy's playing time because he is the one guy this year I was very exicted to watch play. I like watching the young guys develop into good ball players.

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