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Trading up for Crabtree


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Interesting take, BP4P. One thing about the Big 12, though, while they had arguably the best conference, not much defense was played there. Oklahoma, Texas Tech, and Texas to a lesser degree didn't beat teams because of defense, they outscored them.


Fair enough, although you could get into a chicken/egg debate if you start arguing whether the high scores in the big 12 this past year are due to poor defense or incredible offense. One might argue that the mccoy/bradford/harrell trio would have put up equally ridiculous numbers in any conference (save perhaps the sec). So while I do agree that its not as if the red raiders were facing the 2000 ravens every week (a defense that will haunt my dreams forever), the big 12 does have its share of talented corners, and no one except oklahoma and baylor managed to stop crabtree from doing serious damage. besides, it's not like kenny britt goes up against an all-american every week in the big east, nor does nicks in the acc.


I know people are reluctant to spend such a high pick on a receiver because its viewed as a hit or miss position with a lot of risk, but i think this guy is the closest you're gonna get to a sure thing. In case you can't tell, im absolutely in love with this kid. I think the chances of the giants pulling this off are slim, especially since reese (who, don't get me wrong, has gone a great job of fitting pieces together using the draft and lower-profile free agents) hasnt really shown the ability/willingness to pull off that kind of a bold move, but I can dream. That being said, as long as he doesnt end up in dallas or philly i wont lose much sleep if they dont get him, especially if they're able to bring in a veteran.


I just think they have too much talent to go into the season with such a glaring hole on offense. If they had kept toomer and if hixon had shown the ability to work through double teams and be the go-to guy we were all hoping he would be, this would not be as much of an issue. Come to think of it, this would not be an issue at all if plax knew where the safety is located on a glock, and who knows how far they would have gone had that been the case. All the other pieces are in place, I really think a big time wideout is what separates the giants from being heavy favorites to get back to the top.

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