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Tim Hasselbeck on the ESPN this morning...


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Did anyone hear what he had to say about the Gmen? 1st the question was who was more integral to their team, Westbrook or Jacobs, which in my opinion, is a pretty lame question because both are key on both teams...but Hasselbeck, an ex-Giant, showing his complete lack of knowledge of the team...says that Westbrook is(which is arguable, he IS the pretty much the Eagles only source of offense) because the Giants have Derrick Ward and Ahmad Bradshaw....well, Mr. Lesser Hasselbeck, since you didn't watch any Giants games, the games in which Jacobs was hurt, Ward and Bradshaw had minimal success. Teams not only game plan around Jacobs, they get completely worn down when a running back bigger than Brian Urlacher pounds it down your throat for 6 yards a carry. Ward and Bradshaw are effective because Brandon Jacobs is so nasty. So Mr. Hasselbeck, you may be right but your reasoning is really off and your knowledge of football is minimal at best.


2nd. He actually said the Giants are going to lose this game...that the Eagles come in and "upset" the Giants. I'm so annoyed I'm emailing ESPN right now.


Actually, I might be talking about Trent Dilfer, I can't remember and I was half asleep...they are both bald and retarded looking.

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