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Best and Worst of Fatty McButterpants


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Looks like Fatty finally got something right.


His Monday Morning QB rant rips the NFL for even thinking about adding playoff teams. Something the Competition Committee will be discussing this week. It's rare that I can say I agree word for word with what King is yapping but on this topic, he's spot on.


Too bad the rest of his column degenerated into typical King:


From the "Too Much Information" Department, we hear all about his upcoming colonoscopy.


From the "Why do we need to know this?" Department, he once again works in his visit to Starbucks as if it's an integral part of his column. He also refers to the Giants Frank Mara as "Frankie". Bad form Petey.


He still managed to work in his manlove for Bill Belichek. Amazingly Tom Brady isn't mentioned in the entire commentary. All this means is that we'll likely get a doubleshot of Bradylove next week.


Peter King MMQB

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Jim Burt Jr., the son of the former Giants and 49ers nosetackle, is a minor league first baseman in the Mets' system. In two seasons as a pro, Burt has hit eight home runs. Last week he batted in a simulated game against ace Pedro Martinez -- and hit a long home run.


This was interesting. I wonder if he wears his #64 jersey tight across his midsection.

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