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Last night's game and what has happened for 2 past games

is nothing more than that Giants cant play infront!


They need there backs against the wall.

They need the media to be against them.

They need there fans to be sceptical.

They need to be the hunter not the hunted.


Oline problems, Gilbride stubborness, no plax,

no shockey , no strahan, no tiki, no Osi,

no matter the giants only play well from behind


you all know it if you been a fan for any length of time.


Yes the oline needs to step up and we need Jacobs

and Gilbride need to get his head out of his ass but

these 2 losses have created Urgency and Coughlin

didnt have a concerned look after the philly game NOW

he looks very CONCERNED and this will translate into the lockeroom!


I expect a totally different team on Sunday night at home.

You will see energy and intensity!


I believe we will see the defending SUPER BOWL CHAMPION

beat the PANTHERS and show why we won 12 games this year!!!


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