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Giant dreams


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I had a dream I went to Giants camp and they had a guy go and pick out people in the crowd to get on the field and practice with the Giants and I got chosen.


( well that would be a dream come true for sure but it gets better.)


So after the practice Tom Caughlin comes to me and say's they want to see me in the Lawyers room

I thought I did something wrong or hurt a player and I was in trouble. Then I see him go over to 3 other guys and tell them the same thing.So we kinda shuffle off the the Lawyers thinking the worst is to come I get in there and sit down were they tell me to. Tom comes in and say's to me come up here and bring that envelope that was in your seat with you, Come to find out we all got hired to the practice squad

and we had to see the lawyer because the lawyer had the contracts .


I woke up so happy even though it was a dream it felt like I was there, like it really happened.

In my heart, mind ,soul and dreams I am a NY Giant ....after all I did sigh the contract :P

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