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what do you think?

Jay Lesner

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All this talk about getting into the playoffs, and I see that the NL East record is absolutely nothing compared to the NL Central record or the American League


My question is, do you think...if the Mets even made it in to the playoffs, that they would go far at all?


I don't think they have what it takes to beat the Cubs or the Angels.

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IMO...(whatever thats worth)...either the Cubs or the Angels win the WS. Getting to the playoffs is therefore, just a formality. :(


Not true. Just 2 years ago a team who won less than 90 games won the WS.


I think the Mets have the rotation to give them a chance against any NL team in a series, and we are getting our shittiness in the 'pen out of the way now.

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Here is how I see the Mets in the post season if they are lucky enough to get there.


They have enough starting pitching where they can place a good starter(say a Pelfrey or Maine) in their shitty pen to alleviate some of the pressures that that shitty pen places on the team. Do not discount what El Duque could mean to that team as well. I know I know he has been nowhere to be found all year, but that is what normally EL Duque will do when he has had depth behind him ina rotation the past few years and been able to rest .... err I mean nurse his ailments.


If you get involved in a short series and the Mets have good starting pitching and they are able to place some of that starting pitching in the bullpen t hey can beat anyone.


Sadly I will burst everyones bubble by reminding them we have a closer who has never seen a post season save that he has not at the very least tried to blow. In the end, if they get there he will yet again be the death of them and I hope I am wrong.

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