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Just heard Willy is gonna be canned

so-cal dub

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If this dickwad of a GM fires Willie he is a bigger ass then he seems. I will write the Wilpons and ask them.


Is it Willies fault that Heilman is completely shot and cannot pitch the 8th?


Is it Willies fault that Wagner has blown some unimagineable games in the past week let alone the past 2 years?


It it Willies fault that Carlos Delgado plays like a washed up old man content on collecting his check like a bum on welfare?


Did Willie lobby to be dependent on a 41 year old in LF?


Is it Willies fault that they are still 2 years later trying to replace Duaner Sanchez in the 8th and are even trying it with a Duaner who is a shadow of himself?


Is It Willies fault that in 5 years Jose Reyes(although talented)still has no clue as to the situation and has a baseball IQ equivalent to a retard?


Did Willie lobby for a 32 year 2bmen with bad wheels who's game is dependent on his legs?


Did Willie trade heath bell, Brian bannister, matt lidstrom and henry owens, all guys who could be at the very least a solution to some of the hideous roster problems they have had the past 2 years?


I am no huge fan of Willie and he certainly is no Miller Huggins out there, but to make him the scapegoat of this collasal mess put together by Omar Minaya is a fucking joke. If Willie does go, get ready to start wearing a bulls eye shirt Omar, because the target will clearly be on your ass from here on out.

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