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I'm kinda bored and I have work in a few hours so I might as well start this.


If I, GolfingGuy6 were hired as Mets GM here are just some of the things I'd do.


1. Release Carlos Delgado and bring up Mike Carp from Double AA Binghamton.

You might as well, even if Carp struggles it will be better than Delgado. Delgado is a

established major league player and it's sickening to see him strike out, ground out

and pop out into the shift. If Carp did this atleast I could be safe with the fact that he would

still be learning in the big leagues.


2. Release Luis Castillo and bring up Anderson Hernandez. Neither of them can hit,

but Hernandez could play every day and has better speed. Watch Castillo swing is like

masturbating with sandpaper...downright painful.


3. Trade Moises Alou. You know some team down the stretch will be in need of a veteran

hitter and Alou can still mash the ball...he is just fragile as glass.


4. Trade Oliver Perez. The Mets aren't going to resign him at what he and his agent, Scott Boras

want. (5 years at 70 million) Might as well get a couple prospects for him while his value is still



5. Hire a sports physiologist to work with Jose Reyes. I have no idea what the hell happened to him,

but it's apparent this guy need to gain some thicker skin. This goes for Mike Pelfrey too.


6. Tell David Wright to hit the ball to right field on all occasions, stop trying to hit home runs and

concentrate on hitting the ball into the gaps. Oh and iron out that fucking leg kick of his.


7. Draft college players like Joba Chamberlain and give them what they want as a signing bonus.

I'm sick and tired of this organization drafting players because they use the MLB's slotting system

on how to draft players. They've drafted middle relieve pitchers in the last two drafts (Joe Smith and

Eddie Kunz) and I believe that's enough...although Kunz is projected as a sick closer when he gets

called up.


8. Keep Willie Randolph and fire Rick Peterson. Why Peterson is suddenly "Telfon Don" I have

no clue. He hasn't done anything spectacular in his tenure with the Mets and he was a driving

force in trading Scott Kazmir for Victor Zambrano because "He could fix him in 10 minutes." Dick.

I'd hire Roger McDowell or Leo Mazzone to take over.


9. Sign Maine to a long term extension, it just needs to be done. He is our 2nd best starter

right now and will continue to be so as long as Santana is here.


10. Poach scouts from the Atlanta Braves and figure out how they can pump out home grown

stars after home grown stars. 3/4th of their infield is home grown and it is very good.


11. Give Mark Teixeira what ever he wants.


12. Fire Howard Johnson and hire John Olerud, who in my opinion had the best instincts at the

plate that I'd ever seen. I'm sure he'd comeback if we gave him his helmet instead of a hat.

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I would substitute Mike Carp and send up Dan Murphy. I don't think Carp is ready as of yet. Murphy hit three homers last night and continues his hot streak.


Maybe we can swap Beltran for Carlos Gomez.


I rather keep Castillo than replace him with Anderson Hernandez. I rather bring up Argenis Reyes who is batting .255 but that is .50 better than Hernandez.


Add a sports psychologist for Aarom Heilman also.


As for draft slotting, there is good news. Omar has stated that he is not going to go that route this year. He stated he might for the first pick in the first round but he will go after the best player with the other two first round picks. I don't care how much they cost and if league execs get angry. It is time to restock the farm.


Bring Rick Downs back, biggest mistake last year.


Oh and it looks like the Stache is coming back. Just something to think about. Look how the team has been with him around and without him. Look where Reyes has been without him.


I am sure teams would be interested in Perez, definite trade bait. Kunz is strugging in Binghamton. Blew another save last night. We got lucky with Smith being major league ready so quickly.

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My approach to this team is that anything above .500 is a bonus so I am not releasing Delgado in an attempt to reconcile this season. Instead I call every AL team out there interested in a player that is still capable of hitting it 400 feet either way and exclude the fact he's a .230 hitter. A team starved for power would give up something for him, and I would not let money interfere with a potential deal that gets us 2 decent prospects. I bite the bullet with his salary and pay 90% of it. If there are no takers, then I keep him. Releasing him wont do any good.


Castillo we reastically have to keep for at least the rest of this season. At the end of the year, I ship his ass out. This year we can't do anything about.


If there's an AL team willing to give up prospects for Alou then I jump right on it. I don't think there would be though, but if there is I do the same with Delgado and eat the contract.


Keep in mind if we don't think we are getting proper value for Perez prospect wise we can still gain two first round picks in compensation if he signs a large deal, which is likely. So I sit back and see if any one offers something I like in this scenario.


The fact that during a time when our 1b sucks we are moving our best 1b prospects to our OF makes me optimistic we will be big time bidders for Teixera's services. If we do acquire Texiera, then I'd like to explore the market to see who wants Beltran. He's still a fine player but he was never meant to play a 162 game season and with the sense of urgency NY has right now we can't afford to have our marquee player be in that condition. If we dont get Teixera then we gotta keep Carlos, he still is a power pat.


I agree, lock up Maine while we can.


Either trade Heilman or convert him to SP. Likely the former over the latter.


As for Willie... I'd send a message to the players. I'd give Willie an extra year on his deal to prove that he's gonna be with us for the rest of the season and rid us of that distraction or I'd get rid of him. His status right now is what is killing the team and is the reason there is absolutely no stablity.





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That doesn't help the team though.


I hope Omar doesn't GM for us... :mellow:



Delgado at this point in his career is just a hindrance in this line up, he does alot more

harm that he does good. I would just cut the dead weight now, no one is going to give up

anything for a 35 year old first basemen who cannot hit the ball any more and who is the

proud owner of a 16 million dollar contract.


Might as well cut your loses now and let a young kid like Evans/Carp/Murphy play. At least

any of their short comings can be blamed on being young and inexperienced. Delgado still makes

mistakes like he's a rookie anyway.

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Close Shea now, cancel the season, forfeit all the games and start over next year. They could lock out the players and not pay them as well, it would really fuck a great deal of the roster as most are non US citizens and would not be able to collect unemployment benefits. Let the Marlins play 30 games down the stretch at Shea and at least the Shea faithful can see a team that cares and the Marlins could actually play in front of some fans that care.

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