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This is why I get angry at Met fans


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I just saw my neighbor outside, huge Met fan and he was playing catch with his kid, disgusted by watching this team. For that I cannot blame him anyway here is the conversation.


Me"Well, I guess my prediction of this being as bad as it is gonna be with this roster is true. Willie is a goner"


Him "Well how about the Yankees, they get lucky to get the Mariners this weekend and now all we will hear is how great they ar".


Me"Hey you can only beat who you play, we just lost 3 of 4 at home to the Nats, not like we did not have a chance vs these shtty teams"


Him"yeah well the Yankees are lucky" .


Now first the fuck off, what the Yankees do have no bearing on how shitty the Mets are playing, Who the fuck cares. Second the fuck, at least they are coming around beating shitty teams.


UGH this is why god cursed me being a fan of this team. They give me ZERO enjoyment and most of my peers as fans of this team are fucking jerkoffs.


Side note, he is a JET fan as well so the same stupid attitudes flow for the Giants too.

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it must take its toll being a jet and met fan.


let me guess, knicks too?


honestly i dont hold any bitterness to the yanks anymore. i dont care enough and im not bothered personally by any of their players. i used to dislike arod but for all the shit he goes through its easy to see he is one hell of a baseball player.

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A lot of Mets fans have an inferiority complex with the Yankees. Some of them still cannot move on and it is embarrassing. Those Yankees suck chants are annoying and got old very quickly but they continue.

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