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Johan Santana


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One Strikeout.


I expected a bit more from my first round pick.


Granted April and May are his only career months with an ERA above 4.


I'm still waiting for him to get hot.


Doesn't he feel the burn from Cole Hamels threatening him for best LHP?

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Johan's pitched more as a contact guy this year. I read on metsblog.com that a scout said he's lost velocity on his fastball and that has been noticeable. Teams have been hitting him hard all year.

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I'm getting frustrated...I feel like he deserves at least 3-4 wins. And in rotisserie, that's absolutely vital.



Lorf (Providence, RI): Would you suggest I grab a baseball bat and go down to New York to help get Johan some more wins?


SportsNation AJ Mass: (11:34 AM ET ) I'd rather have Worf. Imagine the fear in opposing pitcher's eyes when a Klingon step to the plate.


He's had five quality starts blown for him. That's without mentioning all the times the Mets haven't even scored for him in the first place.

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