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Johan wants to be a Metropolitan


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..posted by Matthew Cerrone...


…having talked with a variety of people over the last few days, ranging from those who are connected to the team to people connected to player reps to those who work in media and for teams who are following the negotiations, from what i can gather, Johan Santana prefers to be on the Mets, where he can a) be in New York City, and b) get out of the hitter-dominant American League…


…the Twins are well aware of this, and are willing to accommodate his request, while also trying to maximize the level of talent they get in return…


…so, over the last few days, if not longer, the Twins have been speaking on and off with the Mets, who are willing to flood them with young talent, but who refuse to provide a major-league ready, immediate-impact player, like Jose Reyes…


…since the Yankees and Red Sox will not part with more than one or two of their best prospects, acquiring up to five or six semi-developed, high-ceiling players from the Mets is starting to be Minnesota’s most attractive option, and they’re comfortable with that - especially considering that santana can ‘strongly suggest’ he end up in Queens, seeing as he has a full no-trade clause…as such, the Mets and Twins have essentially agreed upon what players can and cannot be involved in the trade, and so it’s now up to santana and his agents to frame out a contract extension…


…however, while santana wants a seven-year contract, the Mets - like most teams - will not offer more than five…and understandably so, since a) it is nearly impossible to get such a contract insured, especially for a pitcher, and b) it is widely believed that the Yankees and Red Sox will not have offered him such a long-term deal either…at the same time, he is the best pitcher in baseball, and believes he should be compensated at or above the same level as Barry Zito, which is understandable, as well…the thing is, i do sense that he and his agents are willing to work out a solution to get him to Queens, and so they will not take a hard-line position like zito and Scott Boras did…


…in other words, from what i can tell, if santana doesn’t end up on the Mets, it most likely means that either a) he and the Mets could not agree to the terms of a contract extension, b) the Twins simply chose to keep him for one more opening day, or c) the Twins had no choice but to skip over the Mets to accept a much-better offer that they couldn’t refuse, and santana did not stand in their way, which all is still very possible…


…i still do not have my hopes up, but i do have hope…









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