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"Alex has told friends he really wants to play for the Red Sox because he thinks they can win multiple championships over the next few years."


Seriously, you guys should be happy to have him back, and I'm very disappointed that he's going to remain a Yankee, but this whole thing is a gigantic cluster-fuck. Let's recap:


Alex says if the Yankees don't renegotiate his contract, he'll opt out. The Yankees say they don't do that for anybody. The Yankees then decide they will renegotiate with him, but he decides he will opt out anyway. The Yankees say if he opts out, they will not be involved. He annnounces, during game 4 of the World Series, that he has opted out. The Yankees say he was never a true Yankee and they don't want guys who aren't true Yankees. ARod says he wants to play for the Red Sox because they can win multiple championships in the next few years. Nobody shows any interest in signing him. Hank Steinbrenner says he would be willing to talk with ARod again. ARod contacts the Yankees and they claim that Hank wouldn't even take his call, even though he had said two days before that he'd talk. Then they sit down with him and hammer out a new deal paying him 28 million dollars a year. Then he says he has always wanted to be a Yankee, and that's all he's ever wanted (that part comes tomorrow, or whenever they hold the extremely uncomfortable press conference).



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