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At the Rangers vs. Devils game last night


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Got tickets from a account rep from work (there is no way I could score these seats without selling my car) and about 5 seats over from me was






Victoria Silvstedt...... amazing, such a piece of ass it was incredible. Aparently a big fan of Lundqvist...... and might I add single. Great, all I need now is a 7 figure income and I'm pretty much set..... she likes the Rangers as do I and she enjoys getting freaky..... so do I. See how simple this is when you just take the KISS method to everything?


Observations from the game:


-It's a great thing to watch now the Karel Rachunek plays for the Devils, I'll enjoy watching moves like that all season long.


-Jagr and Drury should take shooting lessons from Dawes for at least a week....... Shanahan too.


-Marc Staal impresses me with his intelligence and poise, for once we have a home-grown defenceman!!!!


-Good to see Dubinsky play an inspired game, IMHO he was about one more invisible game from getting sent down.


-Lundqvist played his best and finally enjoyed a lead.... thank god.

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