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the last unbeaten Colts or Pats?


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Alright so speaking as a colts fan i sure would love the colts and pats to both be unbeaten in week 9 when they face off howver the colts have to tough opponents the jaguars away who always seem to be a tough opponent and the panthers a 4-2 team who is trying to prove they are a top team in the nfc, the pats however have the dolphins an winless team and then the redskins who yes are a top team with one of the top 3 defence's in the nfl but i still feel that the patriots have the easier chance to be unbeaten coming into week 9. The colts are home that game so i feel that they have a good chance at winning assuming that harrison, addai, and sanders are healthy, the patriots have their own problems with the running game it will be interesting to see how maroney is after being out for a while. This wll definetly be the game that could be a preview to the afc championship game, i shall wait and see.

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